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Swim Diaper Jellyfish L


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There´s nothing cuter than seeing fun and colorful little bottoms experimenting with the sand or jumping in the waves, discovering the beauty of maybe their first-ever summer. Or when splashing in the pool during a family vacation. No baby should worry about uncomfortable diaper situation in those happy and playful moments.

Swim Diapers are used on their own, no absorbing insert is necessary, you can imagine how the insert would just absorb the sea or pool water! However, our swim diapers keep the unexpected nr 2 perfectly inside the diaper and  are with adjustable elastic waist and hems around the legs

The diaper comes in 3 sizes (S, M, L)



Weight in kg (approx.)




5 – 9 kg

31 – 37 cm

13 cm


8 – 12 kg

33 – 40 cm

15 cm


11 – 15 kg

40 – 45 cm

17 cm

Washable at 600C


Watch our swim diapers in action:

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