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Shaped Insert


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The essential absorbing layer of our All-in-2 diaper system.

To be put in Diaper Cover, either on its own or with a Short / Long Insert for absorbency boost.

This absorbing insert double-sided. Fleece on one side, bamboo rayon on the other. Fleece makes your baby feel comfortably dry while bamboo, as a natural material, lets the baby feel the wetness (perfect for potty training!)
Also,it has a pocket! You can add any absorbency booster inside. We suggest our Short Insert for babies and Long Insert for toddlers but any other absorbing layer will fit, even a prefold or a muslin square.

It’s intuitive, you simply put Shaped Insert in Diaper Cover.
The size is truly universal. It fits a newborn as well as a toddler. For a newborn, you probably won’t need to put anything inside the Shaped Inserts’s pocket.

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