Muslin napkin with 100% certified Oeko-Tex cotton

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Muslin Napkin Baby Pink (30x30cm)


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Muslin is a lightweight and breathable weave cotton material that simply hugs your skin but also absorbs liquids very well. Those capabilities make our muslin napkin products just irreplaceable and maybe even a little addictive! They are perfectly suitable for:

  • wiping baby face & hands
  • can be used as a bib
  • can be used as a bath towel
  • perfect as a burp towel
  • napkin for drying up your little human’s cute face when it’s teething time
  • perfect for moms to use as a towel for delicate areas after giving birth

Muslin is a very soft material and gets softer with every wash which makes it enjoyable and nourishing for your little precious. It´s much appreciated by many moms when the body is recovering from the birth and the skin is screaming for pampering and gentle materials instead of a harsh towel.

Just as a little tip from our side – this is a perfect baby shower present for new parents and their little ones.

Material: 100% oeko-tex cotton

Designed and tailored in Latvia.

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