Gentle washing powder made in the Czech Republic (EU).

Originally developed for washing cloth diapers but works perfectly for washing white/light colours as well. The whitening effect is carried out by sodium percarbonate and its activator (TAED), our washing powder does not contain chlorine.

The washing powder is also suitable for washing of our diaper covers, pocket diapers, or accessories containing the PUL layer – all these can be washed together with the inserts as they are colour fast.

The ingredients list is very short as it contains just FOUR simple ingredients. No complicated “chemical” sounding terms. How does it work then? Learn more about this and about diaper maintenance in general, in our Diaper School 

Before the first use, don’t forget to read the label.

This detergent is 1 kg.

Ingredients: sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, TAED, citric acid.

Dosage: Washing at temperatures below 60°C: 50-150 ml (g) of washing powder, depending on the drum size and on the degree of soiling.

Washing at 60°C or more: 30-50 ml (g) of washing powder.