Did you know that black and white are the first colors a newborn baby can see? This is why Fridulin has put together a perfect present for a newborn which contains baby essentials exactly in those colors.

Shall the Heatable Anti-Colic Toy “Little Star” help the little soul coping with tummy pain and the Muslin Blanket offer the tiny person comfort and security wrapped in his / her moms and dad’s arms or when exploring the world from the stroller or waiting for the sandman in the tiny bed. We wish the BIBS Pacifiers soothe the baby’s restless mind offer comfort when it´s needed the most. The Pacifier Clip comes in handy to prevent the Pacifier from falling on the floor.

This Gift Set is a wonderful present for Christmas, Baby Shower, Baptism or any day you feel like surprising the new parents and the little one.

Your saving: 10%

The Gift Set contains:

1x Anti-Colic Toy “Little Star”

1x Muslin Swaddle Blanket Cream

1x Black & White BIBS Pacifier (size 1)

1x Marble Ecoteething Pacifier Clip

We fully understand if your color preference is different. Don´t hesitate to let us know about your wishes by contacting us HERE.