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Fridulin´s Ultimate Set


AI2 Diaper Cover
AI2 Diaper Cover
AI2 Diaper Cover
Pocket Diaper with Long Inserts
Pocket Diaper with Long Inserts
Pocket Diaper with Long Inserts
Pocket Diaper with Long Inserts
Pocket Diaper with Long Inserts
Wet bag size L

In stock

Shaped insert
Long insert

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Short insert

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This Ultimate Set is the most convenient and carefree package for you and your baby. It is designed for 20 diaper changes and has everything you need to change your baby using only the sustainable and healthy option from birth to potty.

Save money, keep your baby healthy, do good for Mother Nature, and support the community – those are the benefits you have if you decide for this set. Just stop for a minute and visualize –  one cloth bag of diapers as opposed to one ton of non-biodegradable waste. Yes, ONE TON! With 4800 diapers your baby will need in the diapering period, this is the amount of waste you will contribute to.

This set has the biggest impact on your family budget and saves you ca 1000€ in the long run. Disposable diapers may only cost around 30 cents per change but you changing your baby almost 5000 times in the first two years will make the total amount significantly high.

With this set, you can change your little one 20 times by mixing and matching Pocket Diapers and All-in-2 diapers. When using All-in-2 diapers, you only need to exchange the Shaped Insert and not the Diaper Cover every single time (unless it´s soiled). Learn more about All-in-2 diapers in our Diaper School.

This set contains:

4x AI2 Diaper Cover

5x Pocket Diaper with Long Inserts

15x  Shaped Insert

10x Short Insert

10x Long Inserts

1x Wet bag size L


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