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Fridulin’s Explorer Set


1x All-in-2 Diaper cover
Pocket Diaper with one insert
Shaped Insert
Short Inserts

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What´s cloth diapering all about? How does my baby look in a funky diaper? What are Fridulins’ diapers like? What´s the difference between Pocket Diapers and All-in-2 Diaper? How does the washing look in reality? If these are the questions keeping you up at night, we advise you to take a closer look at our Explorer Set.  This is a perfect set to start your journey in the cloth diapering world and find out if this is something for you and your little one.

With this set you can change your baby 2 times – once with a Pocket Diaper and once with an All-in-2 Diaper.

This set contains:

1x All-in-2 Diaper cover

1xPocket Diaper with one insert

1x Shaped Soaker

1x Short Inserts


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