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Heatable Cuddle Toy “Bunny”


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Bedtime warmer/heatable cuddle toy for sleep with cherry pit hot pack inside is used to build a naptime or bedtime routine for children from 1 to 7 years providing psychological comfort and helping them to fall asleep faster in a more relaxed and secure atmosphere. 

A bedtime warmer/cuddle toy is a friend and companion and a source of security.  If mommy holds the toy often or keeps it near her clothes, the fabric acquires the smell. In addition, a warmth coming from the toy gives a child a sense of comfort and safety.

The toy contains a cherry pit pad that is removable and could be heated in a microwave or in an oven or on a radiator. It keeps warm for up to 30 minutes.

The heatable toy also could be used when your child experiences the night awakening and crying or refuses to go to sleep without a parent nearby as well as the toy can be used if it’s time to get your child to sleep in their own bed. 

Learn more about the benefits and how to use our toys here

Created with Love:

  • The toys are handmade in limited quantities from locally designed and produced 100% cotton fabric which has OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate.
  • All toys are suitable for both genders – boys and girls.
  • The toys have recycled polyester fiber filling which is hypoallergenic, safe for a child and has OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate. Thanks to the three-dimensional helical structure of the fiber, the toy’s stuffing will not disintegrate even in case of multiple washing.
  • The heating pad contains only natural cherry pits, with no fragrance added. It is environmentally friendly, and lasts for many years.
  • The toys are machine washable (~40°C) removing cherry pit pad before washing. Each time you heat the heating pad in a microwave or in an oven, it sterilizes the fabric. There is no need to regularly wash the heating pad.
  • Good to know – in case of fever or trauma you can put the cherry pit pad in a freezer and you have a convenient, comfortable cold pack.

Toy parameters:

– weight: ~ 230 grams

– height ~35 centimeters

– width ~ 15 centimeters

This product includes – cuddle animal, a heating pad filled with cherry pits, instruction, package. 


Handmade in Latvia

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