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Cloth Menstrual Pads Organic Cotton (2-pack)


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One average woman produces approx. 150 kg of non-biodegradable waste throughout her productive life. And by waste we mean used menstrual pads/tampons. Quite a heap, isn’t it?

Want to do something about it? Here’s how:

Why should you consider cloth menstrual pads?

Because they’re sooo comfy! Disposable menstrual pads are mostly made of artificial materials, we offer you organic cotton. With GOTS certification. That’s a different league!
They’re much more breathable than disposables. Which makes them perfect for women who suffer from repeating infections and similar problems.
They’re thin but super absorbing.
Our cloth pads have the best fit! They’re not cut from one piece of fabric, wings included. The wings are sewn on and separated by a hem around the „body“ of the pad. That means nothing will leak onto the wings and the pads always stay put.
When to use a day pad?

It’s a sufficient substitute for a disposable menstrual pad.
Perfect for that later time after delivery when you need to wear some kind of protection every day, but it doesn’t have to be as absorbing as in the first days.
Very suitable who those who suffer from light incontinency.
What is GOTS certification?

It’s the highest international certification in bio-textile industry. GOTS certificate guarantees that the production of both organic cotton and the final product is 100% eco-friendly and fulfills all the relevant standards. Moreover, GOTS means that the working conditions of those involved in the production are ethical and fair.


Absorbing layers: 100% Organic Cotton with GOTS Certification

Waterproof layer: 100% Polyester with PU lamination

Wings: 100% Polyester


23,5 x 9 cm


Wash before the first use.

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