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Bamboolik Pocket Diapers



Pocket style cloth diapers are named so because they have…wait for it…A POCKET. Easy right? On this pocket diaper, there is a water-resistant outer layer made of 100% polyesther PU coated (PUL). The absorbing capacity of this pocket diaper is unlimited – you simply put as many absorbing inserts inside the pocket as you need.

The diaper comes with one standard absorbing long insert.

Fits to babies from 4 – 15 kg, from birth to potty. Size can be easily adjusted by velcros on the diaper’s front.


This diaper is made of:

Stay Dry Layer: 100% Polyesther (fleece)

Absorbing Insert: 80 % bamboo rayon + 20 % polyesther from one side, 100 % polyester from the other side

Water-resistant layer: 100% polyesther PU coated (PUL)

Learn more about how to use, clean and maintain pocket diapers in our Diaper School 

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