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We are Kristi, Christoph, little Sam and of course the integral part of our family – Fridulin, the 31-year-old teddy bear. If you would ask where we come from, we would say that we are blessed to call numerous places on the globe our HOME. Life has given a fantastic opportunity to live in and explore different countries, to learn about people and cultures as well as to get introduced to new values, mindsets, ways of living. The roots, however, take Christoph to a beautiful, versatile and unique area in Germany, Kristi to the green and pure Estonian countryside, and Sam – oh well, he was born here in stunning Latvia and we leave it up to him to define his roots. Latvia has really grown into our hearts with it´s gorgeous nature, very friendly and open-minded folks, and of course Laima, one can simply not love Laima.


But coming back to the roots. What does that really mean? For us, this means a place with happy memories, the warmth of childhood, people who provided us with love and comfort. But sometimes it´s not only people, but it can also be a thing. Like Fridulin. He has been a true friend and loyal companion to Christoph since his birth. This little orange bear means roots, happy moments, love and care, it means that some things last forever. And those keywords are the biggest inspiration for us on a daily bases when we live together, look at our son growing or think about our customers.


Most of our life, both of us have worked in the hospitality industry. It was never in our mind to open an e-shop, let alone a baby shop! We always dreamt about having our own guesthouse somewhere on the coast of the Mediterranian sea. But when our child was born, we realized that the offering for high-quality, yet affordable cloth diapers which are made in the EU (because why should a diaper travel all the way from China?) is almost non-existent in the Baltics. It suddenly became our mission to change that and bring this healthy, sustainable and economical option closer to all families in our home region. Soon enough we developed from Cloth Diapers to a family concept store.


We hope our little family business and focus on products that every baby acutally does need, which are made to last and carry the Nordic simplicity in their design, will give you and your little precious a healthy and happy start in life and help us to make this world a better, less polluted place one purchase at the time.