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Become a fabric diaper consultant – on a freelance basis

Do you want working hours to be fully flexible and to be able to work mainly from home?

Do you want to be part of a dynamic, open, innovative, growing new family business and team whose mission is to improve the world with everything we do and make a positive impact on the well-being of our babies, the environment and the communities around us?

Do you want to receive a motivating bonus system that pays for your hard work and effort?

Are you passionate about diaper products and want to educate the public about the full benefits of sustainable baby products?

Who we are and how it will be

working with the baby goods store Fridulin

Baby store Fridulin is a family business, founded in June 2020 by us: Kristija and Kristofs, parents of a 5-month-old baby Samuel. We want to provide long-lasting, beautiful and sustainable baby products from our families to other families because we care about the well-being of our children, the environment and nature. This idea came to our mind during Christ’s pregnancy, and our mission is also to support the work of moms (parents).

Benefits of joining our team

  1. Complete flexibility: work completely independently in your office, at home or wherever you feel most comfortable, without setting fixed working hours – we fully support a healthy work-life balance, you are responsible for your TIME.
  2. A small, dynamic, open and purposeful team that creates a family atmosphere, where your opinion is important, where people come first and where we always try to develop and move towards goals as a team.
  3. An attractive and motivating performance-based bonus system – the more you achieve, the higher your reward
  4. Opportunity to be a part of something big, improve the world and positively influence it through your daily work, educating families and introducing the world of beautiful cloth diapers and sustainable children’s products.
  5. We provide a full training and product familiarization workshop.

Which areas do we want to focus on and what do we expect from you


You will be a representative and sales expert for sustainable baby products, whose main responsibility is to attract customers and carry out various sales activities, including working with medical institutions, maternity training courses and midwifery communities.


You will be involved in creating new sales initiatives and business development, helping to increase sales


You will take an active part in company events, such as exhibitions or cloth diaper workshops


You speak Latvian, you have a good knowledge of English


Your job is to educate the public about the benefits of cloth diapers and other sustainable baby products

join this journey

and come work with Fridulin ! You must be an independent business owner / freelancer / self-employed person.