Amazing opportunity: Become a cloth diaper consultant – on a freelancer basis 

You want to have fully flexible working times and work mainly from home?

You wish to be part of a dynamic, open-minded, innovative, growing, young family company and team with the mission to make a difference with everything we do and have a positive impact on our baby’s well-being, the environment and communities around?

You wish to receive a motivational bonus system where your hard work and efforts are paying off?

You are passionate about cloth diapering and want to educate the public about all related benefits of sustainable baby products together with us?

THEN hop onto this journey and come and work with Fridulin! You need to be an independent business owner/freelancer.

Who we are & how would it be to work with Babyshop Fridulin: 

Baby shop Fridulin is a family-owned company found in June 2020 by us, Kristi and Christoph, parents of a 6-months old baby boy Samuel. We want to bring long-lasting, beautiful and sustainable baby products from our family to other families as we care about the well-being of our little humans, the environment and nature around us. Our idea was found during Kristi’s pregnancy and our mission is also to support work at home mom’s (parents:)).

That is in for you when you join our team:

  1. Full flexibility: Work fully independently from your office,  home or from any environment you feel most comfortable in with no fixed working hours we fully support a healthy work-life balance, you are in charge of your TIME.
  2. A small, dynamic, open-minded and determined team who creates a family-like atmosphere, where your opinion matters, where people come first and where we always strive to develop further and move towards our set goals as a team.
  3. Attractive and motivational incentive package based on performance – the more you achieve the higher your reward
  4. The opportunity to be part of something big and to make a difference and have a positive impact with your daily work by educating families and introducing them into the beautiful world of cloth diapering and sustainable baby products
  5. We provide a full induction training and product knowledge workshop

What are the areas we want to focus on:

  1. You will be an advocate for sustainable baby products and sales expert whose main responsibility is to acquire new customers and perform various sales activities including the approach of medical institutions, birth preparation courses and midwife communities.
  2. Be part of creating new sales initiative and business development activities helping you increase sales
  3. Actively be part of company events such as exhibitions or cloth diaper workshops
  4. Fluent in Latvian and good English language skills
  5. You have the mission to educate the public about the benefits of cloth diapering and other sustainable baby products