BIBS pacifier is a classic 2-piece pacifier set with a timeless design from Denmark and a wide range of colors that will delight both babies and their parents.

The charm of BIBS pacifiers lies in their special shape – it resembles the mother’s breast and supports the baby’s natural sucking reflex.


bibs knupīši

We love BIBS pacifiers for following reasons:

  • Made of natural rubber
  • 100% BPA and PVC free
  • Cherry-shaped rubber part
  • Does not leave marks on the baby’s face
  • Lightweight
  • Stunning color selection


BIBS pacifiers come in 3 sizes

BIBS COLOR pacifiers are available in 3 different sizes. Sizes 1, 2 and 3 are designed for different age groups, but since the anatomy and preferences of young children depend a lot on a specific child, we recommend that you try and see which size is best for your baby.

PS! Night pacifiers that glow in the dark are also available. This way, the pacifier that has fallen out of its mouth at night does not have to be searched for a long time, and sweet sleep can continue. To achieve a luminous effect, keep the pacifier close to the light source for about 10 seconds.


About BIBS brand


BIBS, which is loved all over the world, is a Danish brand that manufactures each of its products with special attention and care. It’s been over 40 years! The mission of BIBS has been to map the needs of babies and their parents in detail, in order to grow into the best helper for their small clients. BIBS wants to produce only the best baby products – without making concessions!

Meets the standard EN 1400 + A1


Maintenance instructions!

  1. Sterilize the pacifier by placing it in boiling water for 5 minutes before first use. Let the pacifier cool down. Due to the air vent, water may get into the pacifier’s rubber. Squeeze the soother gently to remove the water. DO NOT BOIL!
  2. Clean and sterilize the pacifier before each use by placing the pacifier in a clean bowl. Pour boiling water over the pacifiers and let the pacifiers soak in hot water for up to 5 minutes. Lift the pacifiers out of the bowl and allow them to dry. Due to the air vent, water may get into the pacifier’s rubber. To remove the water, simply squeeze the soother gently.
  3. Do not use a microwave, detergent or dishwasher for sterilization, as they will break the natural rubber.
  4. To ensure safety and hygiene, replace the pacifier every 4-6 weeks of use.
  5. Do not leave the pacifier in direct sunlight.
  6. If the pacifier gets into your baby’s mouth too deep, remove the pacifier carefully.
  7. It is recommended not to immerse the pacifier in products containing sugar or medicine, as this may affect the child’s teeth and health.
  8. Make sure that the child uses the pacifier only for its intended purpose.
  9. Pacifiers are made from natural rubber latex, which can rarely cause an allergic reaction.
  10. The product complies with the EN 1400 + A2 standard.



To ensure the safety of your baby, always check the pacifier before using it. Particular care should be taken if the baby has teeth. Control the pacifier by pulling it in all directions. The pacifier should be discontinued as soon as the first signs of damage appear. Use only pacifier clips tested in accordance with EN 12586. Other cord or cords should never be attached to the pacifier as they may get caught around the baby’s neck and be dangerous. The pacifier must not be stored in direct sunlight.